What is Built Green?
Built Green Santa Barbara is an environmental building program that distinguishes and promotes resource efficient development, design, and construction. Green building practices go beyond energy and water conservation to incorporate environmentally sensitive site planning, resource efficient building materials and superior indoor air environmental quality.
Built Green Santa Barbara is designed to help builders, developers and property owners with an easy to understand rating system, which quantifies environmentally friendly building practices for remodeling and new construction. It is a voluntary program that encourages builders and owners to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in their projects.
The program offers detailed information, materials, and a checklist rating system to help participants. The checklist will serve as a guide in making hundreds of decisions that are a usual part of the building process.
Cost Savings
Energy efficient designs and products.
Reduce Health Risks
Construction practices and design components that improve indoor air quality.
Improve Water Quality
Building practices and landscape designs that improve water quality and contribute to conservation.
Protect Natural Resources
Building practices, waste reduction processes and design elements that reduce the impact on our environment.
Projects will be qualified using the checklist of environmentally friendly actions: 
  • Site Protection
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Health & Air Quality
  • Materials Efficiency
  • Environmentally Responsible Home/Property Ownership 
The program is a voluntary self certification building process designed to create market distinction for builders and property owners who incorporate green building practices in their projects.