Built Green Checklists

1.       Join Built Green- to certify a project builders or architects must be members

2.       Enroll Project- including payment and preliminary checklist

3.       Hire 3rd Party Verifier if certifying Built Green 4- or 5-star

4.       Project Complete-

a.       Submit final checklist signed by builder or architect

b.      Submit verification documents if certifying as 4- or 5-star

                        Receive a Built Green rating and certificate!


Download the Built Green Checklist


·         Residential New Construction  

·         Remodel & Additions

·         Commercial Construction


Building and development projects are qualified using one of three Built Green checklists, depending on the type of project and are organized into environmentally friendly action categories. Builders, remodelers, architects and developers use the checklists prior to construction to determine which features to include in the project. When construction is complete, builders or architects send a signed copy of the checklist to the Built Green, certifying that the project identified in the application contains the identified features.

Built Green Santa Barbara Handbooks are also available for your reference to guide you through the checklist.